Splash’n Dash 2008

  • Swim 10 laps
  • Bike 11 miles
  • Kayak down the Crooked River
  • Run 4 miles

Well, it was a long but adventurous 4th of July at the Splash n’ Dash race here in Prineville. Slater Chiropractic had two teams fighting for survival and fighting to take home 1st prize. On the Adult team was Connor Slater who swam like a dolphin headed home, Chris Johnston, trying to find her wind like a flying squirrel on the bike, Dr, Slater kayaking the Crooked River as fast as light travels, and to finish off the race was Ristine Williams running like the greyhound chasing his meal. These determined and strong individuals were no match however, for their young counterparts the kid’s team. To beat the adult team was a difficult task, but a successful one, with Braiden Johnston who swam like a mermaid escaping the dreaded pirates, Kirsti Kelso passing Chris on the bike as if on a speeding motorcycle. Kelsi Kemper gliding across the water like a swan at sunrise, and finally Brady Slater catching Ristine like a Cheetah chasing it’s prey. It was a tough and close race leaving victory in the hands of Slater’s youngin’s.

Yummy Cookie Contest at Slater Chiropractic 2008

We decided to have a cookie bake-off between the staff, including the doctors at Slater Chiropractic in July. We let our patients be the judge of these delicious cookies and ultimately choose our cookie baking winner! Well, the votes are in folks and it seems the people liked the chocolaty, creamy cookie sandwiches made by our very own Kathleen Peterson! Secret recipe? I think not! Just ask and you too can replicate these now famous cookies in your own home.

Winner: Kathleen Peterson with her “whoopie pies”!

Halloween 2008